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Image of cityscape Obesity and Related Chronic Diseases

  • Ethnic Enclaves
  • Weight Watchers Success Survey
  • BPA Study
  • Processed Foods
  • Virtually Healthy  

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female jogger looking at wrist-worn activity monitor devicePhysical Behaviors

  • Survivor Step study
  • Optimization and Validation of Activity Monitor Data 

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person depicted from hips down walking on grass imageIntentional and Unintentional Injury

  • Increasing Gender-Based Violence Prevention and Victim Services
  • Virtual Reality Bystander Intervention
  • Exercise in below-knee amputees
  • Low back loads in strawberry picking for injury prevention
  • Biomechanics and cycling studies

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female looking thoughtfully at bell pepper in grocery store Consumers’ and Workers’ Health and Wellbeing

  • Transformative Consumer Research
  • Success in the Workplace

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Julia Alber, principal investigator for Redesigning Health Communication on CampusHealth Communications

  • Design Thinking Approach to Developing Health Campaign
  • Storytelling for Hepatitis B Prevention

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Article Image 1Maternal and Child Health

  • Gestational Diabetes Prevention
  • Mealtime for Toddlers
  • Oral Health in Kids
  • Better Bottle-Feeding Study
  • Infant-Feeding Study
  • Infant Feeding Interactions 
  • Malnutrition during pregnancy in Malawi

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Article Image 1Metabolism and Clinical Nutrition

  • The ReCHARGE with Strawberries Study
  • Metabolomic predictors of gestational diabetes

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Article Image 1Nutrition & Physical Activity

  • Malnutrition during pregnancy in Malawi
  • Effect of fructose-containing sugars in pediatric obesity and nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD)
  • Physical Activity Assessment

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