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Cal Poly's COVID-19-Related Research Showcase

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Responding to COVID-19

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Playing a Bigger Role in Community Health Advocacy

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A New Home for Clinical Trials

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Understanding Early Feeding Interactions

These studies are focused on better understanding infant-caregiver interactions during breast and bottle feeding and identifying early targets for obesity prevention efforts.

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WW Success Registry

Weight Watchers Logo_TM

Cal Poly researchers are identifying the key characteristics of long-term successful weight losers compared with individuals who are just starting their weight loss journey.

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BPA Study

This study is assessing whether 4 days of a diet plus BPA increases risk for diabetes. BPA is the chemical structure that gives most plastics their rigidity. Participants will be compensated $500 and receive food during the 4 days of the study.

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Healthy Mamas

Maternal obesity and excess weight gain in pregnancy are the leading causes of maternal and fetal complications, and more research is needed to test the health effects of lifestyle interventions in women with obesity. The purpose of the Healthy Mamas research study is to determine the health effects of a lifestyle program that supports weight maintenance during pregnancy in women with obesity.

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logo image for StandUP TV mobile app

The purpose of this study is to reduce recreational sedentary screen time, any free time spent watching television, streaming videos online, social media, and/or video games while being sedentary or sitting. Participants will monitor screen time, use the StandUPTV app for 16 weeks and, complete web-based assessments.

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