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Sexual and Reproductive Health Lab

Sexual Reproductive Health Lab

The SRH Lab at Cal Poly is a research lab focused on sexual and reproductive health issues that affect women especially women of color. Research topics include sexual activity, sexual dysfunction, contraception, sexual health decisions, menstruation and conception related topics.

Dr. Joni Roberts
The SRH lab is run by Dr. Joni Roberts, who is a certified health education specialist with research interests in maternal and child health and global health issues surrounding the preconception, conception, and post-partum periods of a woman’s life. She runs the sexual reproductive health lab at Cal Poly where she engages students in sexual health research. Dr. Roberts frequently volunteers for professional organizations both locally and internationally reflecting her passion for community engagement. She is an enthusiastic participant in cross-cultural work that changes perspectives and improves the lives of women globally.


Cal Poly News Articles
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Faculty connections - 
Lightning Talks - https://vimeo.com/372926855
Students of Color Summit - https://youtu.be/gwbIvrlA2P8
State of Blackness - 
Wellness Panel 20-21 - Sexual Health - 
TEDx - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OBEKcjCjpRY

Student Projects
Here are a list of products students have worked on in the lab
FROST Summer Research - https://healthresearch.calpoly.edu/frost-summer-research
MHM Comic - https://healthresearch.calpoly.edu/mhm-comic
MHM Education Module

Student Presentations
ISSWSH Annual Meeting - https://healthresearch.calpoly.edu/isswsh%C2%A0annual-meeting
BEACoN - Madelin Skinner - https://healthresearch.calpoly.edu/beacon

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