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Physical Behaviors

Survivor Step Study

The overall purpose of this study is to examine if providing charity incentives motivate cancer survivors to meet individualized step-goals.  All participants will receive a Fitbit monitor, personalized step goals and educational materials designed to increase physical activity. Eligible participants are cancer survivors between 18-50y of age, are more than 6-month post treatment and are not currently engaging in regular exercise. The study is funded through the Cal Poly Research, Scholarly, and creative Activities Grant Program.  To get more information please email survivorstepstudy@gmail.com or call 805-756-5544.

Principal Investigator: Sarah Keadle, skeadle@calpoly.edu, 805-756-1785.

Optimization and validation of activity monitor data

New methods and technology are being tested to better measure activity-related behaviors and improve our understanding of how these behaviors relate to health. Current projects are focused on understanding how much time women spend sitting before and during pregnancy, and evaluating daily sitting and television viewing behaviors among older adults.

Principal Investigator: Sarah Keadle, skeadle@calpoly.edu, 805-756-1785.

StandUPTV Study

The purpose of the StandUPTV study is to develop a smartphone application (or "app") to reduce recreational sedentary screen time in adults. We define recreational sedentary screen time as time spent sitting or lying down and using a screen, such as television, computers, smartphones, tablets, or inactive video games in your recreational time (not for school or work). This includes watching television, DVDs, streaming online movies or shows on a media device, playing video games, or using social media (e.g., Facebook, Instagram). We are testing different ways of reducing recreational sedentary screen time in order to determine which ones work the best. For more information call 805-756-5506 or email standuptv@calpoly.edu.

Principal Investigator: Sara Keadle, skeadle@calpoly.edu, 805-756-1785.

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