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Intentional and Unintentional Injury

Increasing Gender-Based Violence Prevention and Victim Services

The purpose of this grant is to develop and test interventions to reduce gender-based violence on college campuses.  The grant also aims to bolster victim services in collaboration with campus and community partners.  This study is funded by a Department of Justice, Office on Violence Against Women Grant. 

Principal Investigator: Christine Hackman, chackman@calpoly.edu

Virtual Reality Bystander Intervention

The purpose of this study is to develop and test virtual reality videos that depict interactive bystander intervention scenarios.  This study will test the efficacy of a novel approach to promoting bystander intervention behavior in college students.  

Principal Investigators: Christine Hackman, chackman@calpoly.edu, and James Werner, jpwerner@calpoly.edu

Exercise in Below-knee Amputees

This study is measuring the impact of different forms of weight-bearing exercises on the bodies of below-knee amputees to inform methods to prevent the onset of osteoarthritis.  The study is comparing the impacts of cycling, elliptical, and walking exercise using motion analysis and computer modeling.  Knee biomechanics will be evaluated for two groups between the ages of 18 and 50: a control group of 10 nonamputee subjects and a group of 10 amputee subjects. Most of the amputee participants will be veterans.  The study if funded by the Department of Defense.

Principal Investigator: Stephen Klisch, sklisch@calpoly.edu
Co-investigators: Scott Hazelwood, Brian Self, Hemanth Porumamilla, and Robert Clark

Low back loads in strawberry picking for injury prevention

This study is 1) conducting pilot motion analysis experiments of stooped posture work and 2) using a thoracolumbar spine and ribcage model to estimate back extensor and lumbar spine compression forces. These results will be used to develop proposals aimed at studying low back loads in strawberry pickers with emphasis on developing injury prevention strategies.

Principal Investigator: Stephen Klisch, sklisch@calpoly.edu

Biomechanics & Cycling Studies

A series of studies are examining optimal methods to assess walking and running biomechanics in humans. Ongoing research includes studies of bicycle drivetrain design, the effects of feedback and instruction on pedaling effectiveness, and enhancing dynamic balance in older populations who have an increased risk for slip trips and falls.

Principal Investigator: Robert Clark, rdclark@calpoly.edu


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