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Cal Poly's COVID-19-Related Research Showcase

Thirteen groups of professors and students, representing each college, shared research they have conducted related to the pandemic during Cal Poly’s Center for Health Research Showcase on May 20th. Over 300 attended the online symposium, choosing one of two tracks: Education & Social track, and Virus & Impact track.

You can watch the entire conference here:
Educational & Social Track

Virus & Impact Track

You can view all abstracts here.

Or individual research videos and abstracts below.

Education and Social Track

Researchers College Title Presentation Video  
Sara Bartlett, Sky Bergman CLA Intergenerational Service-learning in the Time of Covid-19 https://youtu.be/mR0Qr8wbovY Abstract
Yamina Pressler, Samantha Gill CAFES Student perceptions of rapid transition to emergency remote learning in a hands-on agricultural college https://youtu.be/e1S8cludEVE Abstract
Rose Hillebrandt, Julieta Moreno,  Kathleen Brady CAED Covid-19 Spurs Outdoor Learning Environments https://youtu.be/_orc5ItVazo Abstract
John Chen, Michelle Kerfs, Jocelyn Gee CENG COVID-19's Impact on Engineering Undergraduates' Well-being https://youtu.be/_bbg0VKTmOA Abstract
Megan Lambertz-Berndt CLA Struggling to Keep It All Together in the Pandemic: Working Parents' Experiences During the “Shecession" https://youtu.be/XtDje6-XBOU Abstract
Julia Alber CSM Examining the impact of COVID-19 on individual behaviors, beliefs, and social media use and trust https://youtu.be/M1FAqI4wmck  

Virus and Impact Track

Presenters College Title Presentation Video  
Scott Eagon, McClane Howland CSM Identifying Inhibitors of SARS-CoV-2 with a Virtual Screen https://youtu.be/LzG8HrH2wIU Abstract
Jonathan Fernsler CSM A Simple Fix For SIR And SEIR Pandemic Models Tested With Particle Simulations https://youtu.be/A7OEhMw2_XA Abstract 
Ryan Solorzano, Theresa Migler CENG Modeling the Spread of Covid-19 Over Varied Contact Networks https://youtu.be/18VaIH0qm2M  
Richard Volpe, Maxine Meckfessel, Camille Harteker, Katey Diniz CAFES Inventory Levels and Food Prices during Peak Food-at-Home Demand Periods: Assessing Pandemic Shocks in the U.S. Food System https://youtu.be/fz_WmXc4Ng4 Abstract 
Adam Seal CSM Covid19 pandemic and stay-at-home mandates promote weight gain in adults https://youtu.be/lRdileQJiWY Abstract 
Jack Wroldsen OCOB Emergency Cash Savings Accounts In a Post-COVID World https://youtu.be/my_s-ioqDK0 Abstract 

Questions: Email healthresearch@calpoly.edu

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